Getting Started with Patient Deals

15 May 2009
Author: PatientDeals

Get the most out of your visit to Patient Deals

  1. Select your city where you want to receive the medical care or procedure.
  2. Once you know what procedure you need, choose the category that best fits that procedure.
    1. Reminder: educate yourself on the expected cash-paying price for your procedure utilizing sites such as:
      1. »
      2. »
      3. »
  3. Browse the featured ads and regular posts to find the best price and provider.
  4. We suggest contacting up to two or three providers that best fit your criteria.
    1. Call the medical provider’s office and verify the details of the post.
  5. Research and review doctor credentials through a freely available site, such as one of the following:
    1. »
    2. »
  6. Schedule appointment.
  7. Pay after your medical service is provided.
  8. Inform your medical provider that you found them on Patient Deals!

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