About Patient Deals

Patient Deals started in 2007 to target America's 47 million uninsured adults and children who pay up front for health care, as well as the estimated 16 million Americans with high deductible or catastrophic insurance plans. By utilizing Patient Deals, health care providers will be able to fill vacant appointment spaces with self-paying patients while offering these patients discounts to reflect the cost savings from billing and collection services. The U.S. Census Bureau defines "no health insurance" as a person lacking any type of health insurance — including a health insurance plan through your job or union, or coverage through Medicare, Medicaid, the military, or state government programs — for the entire year.

The aim of Patient Deals is to connect doctors and cash-paying patients by providing a simple and easy-to-use tool that lets cash-paying customers quickly find the deals they're looking for. Patient Deals utilizes a free-enterprise approach to provide choices for quality healthcare for uninsured Americans. The Patient Deals services are free, but by providing doctors with this open market approach to obtaining self-paying clients, it will nurture a competitive landscape that will benefit both patients and participating doctors. Providers benefit from Patient Deals by receiving cash payments at the time the services are rendered, thereby eliminating the need for up to 30% of administrative expenses associated with insured patients. You can find every medical service in the categories list and by searching through the ads in different cities and states, you can find the best cash-paying deal possible.

Be sure to tell your doctor or medical provider about Patient Deals, so they can receive self-paying customers, and you can receive the best deals for medical services possible!

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